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1. High in antioxidants : Sesame oil contains sesamol and sesaminol, two antioxidants that may have powerful effects on your health.
2. Has strong anti-inflammatory properties: Chronic inflammation can be harmful and lead to illness, which is why it’s important to limit it as much as possible.
3. Good for your heart : A well-established body of research shows that a diet rich in unsaturated fats is good for heart health. Sesame oil comprises 82% unsaturated fatty acids.
4. May help control blood sugar: Sesame oil may support healthy blood sugar regulation, which is especially important for people with diabetes.
5. May help treat arthritis: Osteoarthritis affects nearly 15% of the population and is a common cause of joint pain.
6. May help heal wounds and burns: While sesame oil can be consumed for its health benefits, it may also be used topically for wounds and burns.
7. May protect against UV rays : This effect is likely largely due to its high antioxidant content

8. May improve sleep quality. One study showed that dripping sesame oil on the foreheads of 20 participants during seven, 30-minute sessions over a 2-week period improved sleep quality and quality of life, compared with a placebo treatment.

9. Topical application may relieve pain. Some studies have shown that a massage with sesame oil may help reduce arm and leg pain.

10. May improve hair health. Compounds in this oil may increase hair shine and strength. An eight-week study found that taking supplements consisting of sesamin and vitamin E daily enhanced hair strength and shine.


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