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1. Powerful antioxidant

Natural butter consists of high levels of carotene, an unusual and essential nutrient for human beings. Carotene contributes to human health in two ways, either turning into antioxidants, or converting into vitamin A.
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2. Promotes Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the popular topics during eating butter. But it’s not a problem with butter.

3. Anti-Cancer properties

High levels of vitamin A and beta-carotene have also been widely studied, and positive connections between these two nutrients and lower chances of colorectal and prostate cancer have been found.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) has also been found in significant levels in butter, and has been connected in studies as a cancer prevention method. Overall, butter, when consumed in moderate quantities help to reduce your chances of developing cancer.

4. Intestinal conditions

Butter consists of considerable amount of glycospingolipids. This special type of fatty acid helps to protect your body from number of gastrointestinal issues and conditions, by contributing to the mucus layers along the membrane and making it more difficult for bacterial infections to fix to functioning receptors.

5. Cardiovascular Health

Many researches have failed to find a link between saturated fat intake and cardiovascular disease. The same applies to high-fat dairy products, such as butter. Researches have shown that high-fat dairy products do not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. In fact, many studies have actually found the intake of high-fat dairy products to be beneficial for cardiovascular health.

6. Growth & Development

Many elements in butter ensure optimal growth of children. Among them vitamin A is a chief one. Individuals who have been deprived of sufficient vitamin A during gestation tend to have narrow faces and skeletal structure, small palates as well as crowded teeth.  Apart from that extreme vitamin A deficiency results in blindness, skeletal problems and other birth defects. Individuals getting optimal vitamin A from the time of conception have broad handsome faces, robust straight teeth, and outstanding bone structure. Similarly Vitamin A plays an important role in the development of the sex characteristics.

7. Thyroid health

Our thyroid gland is arguably the most important part of our endocrine system, and one of the essential relationships that it has is with vitamin A. Most people that have hypothyroidism or other thyroid related illnesses are also deficient in vitamin-A. This helps the proper functioning and regulating of hormones to be created and secreted throughout the body. Butter has more vitamin-A than any other type of vitamin, so if you have thyroid issues, or want to prevent them from occurring, be sure to include butter in moderate amounts in your diet.

8. Promotes healthy brains and nervous system

As mentioned previously butter is high in cholesterol. This is a good thing! That’s because our brains and nervous systems require cholesterol to develop properly. While the brain can make its own cholesterol, it also pulls cholesterol from the blood plasma (which comes from your diet) when it needs more. It’s also essential for growing children.

9. Sexual dysfunction

Most of the fat soluble vitamins that are found in butter are vital to human health, because they are essential to take nutrients out of water-soluble vitamins. Research has shown that many of these fat-soluble vitamins can even improve sexual performance. Both vitamin A and D are essential for proper brain and nervous system developments, but they are also needed for sexual development. Without those fats, as well as vitamin E, all men and women can experience a type of nutritional sterility, where their sexual characteristics don’t appear properly. It is no surprise that rates of sexual dysfunction and sterility have increased dramatically in the recent decades since butter consumption has declined.  Butterfat is the best source of fat-soluble vitamins we have, yet many people are completely losing that part of their nutritive intake.

10. Eye health

Butter consists of good amount of beta carotene, which has long been known as a booster for eye health. It contributes to the protection of the eyes, as well as in encouraging additional cellular growth, retarding the onset of cataracts, and decreasing the chances of macular degeneration. Apart from that it also decreases the risk of angina pectoris and other eye-related conditions.

11. Arthritis and joints

Butter contains a rare hormone-like substance that can only be found in butter and cream. It is known as the Wulzen Factor, and it help to protect people from calcification of the joints, which leads to arthritis. This same factor can also protect humans from hardening of the arteries, calcification of the pineal gland, and as mentioned above, cataracts. It is only found in animal fats like cream or milk, but pasteurization removes the Wulzen Factor, so butter substitutes and margarine lose that vital benefit. Research have shown that baby calves that are given substitute formula without the Wulzen factor do not survive, until it is replaced with organic butterfat.(

12. Bone health

Apart from the anti-stiffness factor explained above, butter is also rich in essential minerals, like manganese, zinc, copper, and selenium. These are all important elements in maintaining bone health, and encouraging bone repair and regrowth. Without a steady intake of these minerals, both essential and trace, you will develop osteoporosis, arthritis, and will suffer from other symptoms of premature aging.


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Uthukuli Cow Butter 500 ml, Uthukuli Buffalo Butter 500 ml


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